CBD Tincture Oil 1000mg


Even though we recommend a slow start to CBD MCT oil tincture, it is still so adequately induced with CBD that new introductions made to CBD can be successful. However, if you are well experienced and are ready to take higher amounts of CBD then this product is simply the best.


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If you wonder about how to take tincture then we recommend placing a single shot under the tongue for some time before you swallow it. Where you place it after use is not especially necessary. A place of normal temperature is fine for storage as well. If you wonder “does CBD oil need to be refrigerated?” then a simple answer is no, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. 

Well, don’t worry about quality and purity because that is our main objective. Our third party labs and partner farms in Kentucky make sure what reaches you is a premium quality product.


  • Pain Relief
  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Relaxing effect
  • Improves focus
  • Enhances digestion
  • Boosts appetite

Suggested Use:

Follow label directions! Start with a small amount (perhaps one dropper-full) and gradually increase until you find your ideal experience. For best results, place under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing.


  • MCT Oil derived from coconuts
  • Full-spectrum hemp oil


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