Platinum Rose – CBD Terpenes Oil


We warmly welcome our Platinum Rose CBD terpene vape juice for the classy vape aficionado who prefers a more subtle, flower flavor. This terpene-rich combination offers a delicate mix of Platinum Rose and wild berry for an elegant and mysterious release.

If you are engaged in vaping CBD oil with terpenes, you are indeed a discerning CBD fan who is likely to enjoy something different. To you, we respectfully introduce the CBD terpene oil Platinum Rose scent, a nuanced and satisfying spin on the normal flavours of the vapor water.

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Every platinum cbd oil hit starts with a dreamy Platinum Rose essence waterfall and finishes with a fragrance that evokes wild berries and currant. Was there a more delightful flavor of wide-spectrum CBD vaping oil without their terpenes? We certainly do not believe so.

Are terpenes safe to vape?

The organic and/or artificial flavorings used in the cartridges of e-cig and other vape pen business are dangerous for vaporization or vaping. Such ingredients are intended for foods and ingestible items, and not for vapor pens. They add no medicinal or therapeutic value.

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May help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Lowering stress
  • Tasty Flavor of CBD

Suggested Use:

Try 2-3 drops to see the effect and then increase or decrease the dose from there.


Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Terpenes, CBD Isolate


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