Pachamama CBD Tincture (Goji Cacao)


A great way to stay focused. This product is one of the top mood enhancing supplements and is rich in natural resources and antioxidants and promotes insight, communication and general wellness.

Goji Berries are an incredibly versatile superfood that contains all 8 important amino acids. Goji berries are believed to safeguard against eye disorders due to ageing. Goji berries can aid with vision, as they produce high levels of health antioxidants, especially zeaxanthin. Goji berries contain wholesome antioxidants. Vitamins are based on their ability to combat harmful free radicals and inflammation and for their resistant-boosting properties.

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This product is one of the best natural mood boosters and our pachamama cbd reviews are a proof of that.

Pachamama CBD present in our goji cacao CBD oil in Cacao. Once valued as much as gold, cacao is loaded with nutrients and enzymes which relieve stress, boost heart rate and raise endorphins.Cocoa is abundant in polyphenols that have substantial health effects, like decreased inflammation and elevated cholesterol.


Benefits Of Pachamama CBD Tincture (Goji Cacao)

  • Two super-foods combined into one
  • Abundant vitamins and minerals in one dosage
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Helps with sleep
  • Great health supplement

Suggested Use:

The ideal dosage is 2 times daily. To ingest it, make sure you hold the liquid under your tongue for 60 seconds before ingesting.


  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Goji Powder Extract
  • Cacao Absolute Extract
  • MCT Coconut Oil
  • <.3% THC


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