Wyld CBD Lemon Sparkling Water – 25MG


The Lemon sparkling water is infused with natural extracts of CBD rich hemp coupled with sweet and lovely lemon flavor. Our carefully formulated CBD water provides a full spectrum of CBD to let you benefit from hemp to its extent. A single soothing sip induces calmness almost immediately. However the positive effects of CBD compounds may take time before they start to affect your body. The triggered effects consequently prove beneficial for longer periods of time.

CBD induced sparkling water can prove extremely beneficial for health. Consuming regularly can show real aids to better life. The benefits of lemon water for skin alone can be fruitful enough. Anyone who knows a little about CBD should know that hemp extracts make a good cure for better skin conditions. Furthermore, lemon water weight loss results owing to the natural and gluten-free ingredients have made these beverages a huge success in the market.

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However, many might be concerned about the side-effects of beverages for their teeth. Before consuming you should ask, is sparkling water bad for your teeth? Studies have shown that sparkling water may be acidic than normal water but for teeth both waters inflict similar results. There is as much harm in consuming our sparkling water as drinking normal water on a daily basis. Additionally, we strive to formulate our beverages to obtain negligible THC levels. Consequently, the psychoactive behavior of CBD hemp extract is reduced to zero. The level of artificial chemicals is kept minimal to increase the effects of our mildly dosed CBD water. Regular consumption can show healing and improving health benefits but the dosage really matters.


  • Pain Relief
  • Healthy skin 
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Healing damaged skin
  • Better digestion

Suggested Use:

One pack of our Raspberry sparkling water contains 25 mg of CBD which is quite adequate for one time consumption. One drink daily can be beneficial for health. However, carefully prescribed amounts suggested by a professional can allow you to consume more if required.


  • Real fruit-infused sparkling water
  • USA Sourced Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Natural lemon juice


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