K Shot – Botanical Herbal Extract


Herbs in this liquid kratom formula have created a safe source of comfortable energy and an enjoyable sense of wellbeing.

Kratom shot is a strong Oil Suspension Straight Alkaloid. Formulated with the legendary Maeng Da Kratom, using a both-natural extraction method. K-shot provides an energetically pleasant experience.

The K-shot solution is a suspension of Condensed Alkaloid (an active substance present in Kratom). Make K-shot one of today’s most handy and potent Kratom drugs on the market. One-third of a bottle is more than a dose adequate.




K Shot is a widely successful liquid Kratom brand despite the higher price and clients and has nothing but positive things to say about it. The only reason this specific brand is so successful is that IT Performs. It’s the most common, empowering strain ‘s powerful mix: Maeng Da.

It is a powerful 15ml Kratom Tincture made by hand. This implies that the active alkaloids are centered in the Kratom plant, hence much more powerful and efficient!


  • 100% Natural 
  • Made in the USA
  • Highly Potent Dose

Suggested Use:


For MOST 1/2 bottles is sufficient. 1 Bottle for seasoned consumers Only.


9 grams of high quality Kratom leaf per bottle


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