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Gelato vape pens are specially made to provide a broad spectrum of CBD along with terpenes abundant in nutrients. The terpenes are a very important asset for certain plants. These organic compounds contribute to a significant fragrance that is used as a defense mechanism by the plant. Over the past humans have relished the use of this scent. The fragrance has gained popularity among its consumers which made it a vital ingredient in a CBD Vape pen. Terpenes are considered to be a major contributor to the CBD effects on the body. This makes them even more of a worthy companion for the CBD.

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Our gelato vape pen is formulated for a big population that has fallen in love with the gelato dessert. You don’t need to be a gelato lover for trying out this soothing flavored vape. It will automatically grow your love for this dessert vape. The real organic vapors take you away from the world full of worries to a magical world where you can lighten up yourself. The gelato CBD vape never ceases to amaze you with a mild, fruity taste. Our gelato vape has gained fame among many groups of people making it a specific hit. 

Our CBDfx vape pen is carefully designed to provide a broad spectrum CBD. This allows you to benefit from them without going outlaw. At our laboratories we use CO2 extraction methods for obtaining high quality CBD full of terpenes. Preventing you from any harmful chemicals while providing the best quality is our main focus at the laboratories.


  • Anxiety and Pain Relief
  • Seizure Control
  • Joint Pain relief
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Skin disorder cure
  • Cheerful Attitude

Suggested Use:

A moderate amount of CBD is present in our CBD products. Approximately 50mg per Vape pen is being delivered as an intermediate potency for daily consumption. Higher potency for specific purposes can also be used under supervision.

As a ready to use product, these vapes tend to be more convenient and reliable. They can be vaped without requiring a recharge. Once you finish the juice, the pen needs to be disposed of correctly.


Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Terpenes, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


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