Natural CBD Oil 2500 mg – Organic


This full spectrum CBD oil includes a careful amount of CBD and terpenes which contribute to relaxation. The CBDs are obtained from hemp and combine with your neurons to generate body-friendly signals. While the terpenes make up a defense mechanism for some of the plants against predators. The fragrance due to terpenes has actually drawn the humans towards the plant. This has made them a vital ingredient in any CBD product. Terpenes are considered to be a major contributor in increasing the CBD effectiveness thus booming their use alongside CBD. 

We tend to use Kentucky-grown hemp in our products. Flavored as well as unflavored Purekana natural CBD oil is listed for you to choose from. Depending upon the consumer we also offer full spectrum CBD oil 1000mg packing.

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Our CBD oil 2500 mg contains full spectrum CBD obtained from specifically grown hemp. The unflavored, non-psychoactive product provides best possible results in the shortest time period. The increased amount of CBD tends to catch the attention of a larger number of consumers. This unflavored CBD oil possesses natural yet barely noticeable odor and flavor which makes it one of the best organic products for obtaining complete health benefits of Cannabidiol.

Additionally, in order to avoid any unnecessary compounds or solvents in our products we conduct different tests in our laboratory. Once every unwanted component is removed, we tick the product for market. Preventing you from any harmful chemicals while providing the best quality is our main focus at the laboratories.


  • Anxiety and Pain Relief
  • Resolves sleep issues
  • Support to cardiac health
  • Obesity Control
  • Reduce nausea

Suggested Use:

There is no best time of day to take cbd oil, you can take it any time you want to. Take once or twice daily. Squeeze out 1/2 of the dropper, wait 60-90 seconds, and swallow.


  • Hemp oil Extract
  • MCT oil
  • Terpenes


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