CBD MCT Oil Tincture 1500mg


We recommend a low potency of CBD in MCT Oil tincture if you are new to consuming CBD products. However, if you are well experienced and are ready to take high amounts of CBD then this product is simply the best. We have successfully bottled the genie in a pack for you. 

We strive to produce one of the most powerful CBD tinctures. Best time of day to take CBD oil depends upon every individual body chemistry. However, you can take a dose of CBD oil in morning if it makes you active. And if it makes you calm, it is best that you consume tinctures before bed. If you ask how to use MCT oil for weight loss then let it be known that a daily use can condition your appetite which results in losing some pounds off your belly.

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Well, don’t worry about quality and purity because that is our main objective. Our third party labs and partner farms in Kentucky make sure what reaches you is a premium quality product.


  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Pain Relief
  • Seizure Control
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Enhanced mood
  • Boosted digestion

Suggested Use:

Follow label directions. Start with a small amount (perhaps one dropper-full) and gradually increase until you find your perfect amount. For best results, place under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing.


  • MCT Oil Derived from Coconuts
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


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