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Catnip, officially known as Nepeta cataria, is a seasonal plant that can rise to 3 feet above the ground. In its leaves and stems it produces a chemical called nepetalactone which can influence the actions of your cat.

When cats are introduced by scent to nepetalactone, it serves as a stimulant and causes some cats to have a behavior uptick. This compound is thought to imitate normal pheromones, acting on certain receptors to induce a response. And when combined with CBD the catnip effects on cats are enhanced.

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HolistaPet CBD Catnip for cats is an extract of basic catnip oil and nano-enhanced CBD, which gives your cat a friendly, but soothing feel. Aid the cat keep safe by wiping on scratching posts, balls, cat beds and more from furniture and other household objects. You should also mist this herbal solution in your pet carrier for more pleasurable trips to the veterinarian. 

Why do cats like catnip?

The roots and branches of the catnip plant include an oil named nepetalactone. As cats scent nepetalactone, it activates specific sensors that detect chemicals called pheromones. The effect is a sort of chemical reaction that brings the cat a feeling of euphoria or sheer pleasure.

What are the catnip benefits for cats?

Please check our ‘Benefits’ section

Is Catnip good for cats? Absolutely, yes! Benefits of catnip for cats are un-ending and the online catnip spray reviews speak for themselves.

How much catnip should I give my cat?

Check our suggested use section.

Can cats eat dried catnip?

Yes. A cat can eat catnip in liquid, fresh or dried form. 

Are you wondering as to how long does catnip last?

The normal period is about 15-30 minutes, and it all depends upon the weight and other health metrics of your cat.

Suggested Use:

Simply offer up one or two sprays on a surface to use organic catnip spray, such as pet, lure, or scratching post from your cat. When your cat is prone to catnip spray for cats, you can have a reaction almost instantly and note your cat exhibiting “strong” behaviour. This can last several minutes before the impact begins to wear off.

Benefits of Catnip Spray with CBD:

  • Reduce anxiety and depression 
  • Reduce inflammation and pain 
  • Act as a neuroprotectant
  • Regulate appetite and sleep cycles 
  • Regulate the immune system 
  • Reduce seizures and trembling


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