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Berry Chill CBD Shot – 20mg


During the day you want to enjoy a quick, ready-to-go refresher which is tasty and easy to take. In addition to CBD, this Relax Shot is high with vitamins and nutrients to make you sleep the best you can. Our Relax Shot comprises 200 mg of the fascinating amino acid, L-Theanine.

CBD Salve Stick


Looking for a fuss-free topical that’s simple to fold in a bag, pack or pocket? Our potential CBD pain stick is THC-Free CBD Salve Pin. Each stick includes 250 mg of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract that is broad-spectrum.

Each pain salve stick comprises 250 mg of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp concentrate that is broad-spectrum. The mid-ounce twist-up stick often contains pampering and skin-soothing oils: natural shea butter, natural hemp seed oil, natural MCT oil, natural sunflower seed oil, natural jojoba seed oil, and natural rosemary leaf extract.

Fruity Cereal – CBD Vape Juice


Our Fruity Cereal CBD terpene vape juice contains naturally farmed CBD hemp oil that tastes exactly as you so favourably recall those Saturday mornings. Our patented blend of PG, VG, and CBD oil each and every time delivers a reliably slick and satisfying vape strike of this fruity cereal vape juice. Offered in concentrations of 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg.


Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex – Cleansing System


Herbal clean ultra eliminex Detoxing one’s body is quickly becoming a new phenomenon in the fitness community. Although the word is embroidered with numerous ambiguities, those who include detoxification as an important element of their workout routine can not stop thinking about their homeopathic benefits.In the fitness community, detox drinks are rapidly gaining popularity for avoiding toxic stress and major health issues. Harmful ingestion that is not properly excreted may cause bloating, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, fatigue, tiredness, nausea, skin problems, bad breath and really bring down your energy levels.

Lemonade CBD Energy Drink Chill Shot – 20mg


Be it a hot summer afternoon or a cold winter, chilled CBD energy drink will never cease to amuse you. The tranquilizing chill shots bursting with lemon flavor turn around the world. The flavor is not the only thing we manage to make perfect though. Rich nutrients, essential salts and fluids, all combine to make them perfect break time CBD infused drinks for you. What further enriches the tranquility effects is the broad spectrum CBD we extract from specifically grown hemp.

Purekana CBD Cream 3.4oz (1500mg CBD)


The Purekana CBD cream is perfect for you as it contains broad spectrum CBD extract obtained from specifically grown hemp in Kentucky farms USA. Our carefully formulated CBD creams provide a full spectrum of CBD to benefit from hemp to its extent. Topical administration directly to a specific affected area induces healing effects almost immediately. But when administered through the mouth, these compounds may take time before they start to affect our body. This product of ours however, is designed particularly by keeping application to outer body in mind.

Wild Watermelon – CBD Vape Juice


Wild Watermelon e juice by CBDfx has been designed with one aspect in mind: the very first taste of a delicious, juicy watermelon that must be one of the planet ‘s finest feelings; the extremely juicy flesh that kindly offers you wave after wave of wonderful watermelon goodness.

We also caught the sensation with our CBD vape juice at CBDfx, offering CBD consumers a taste that they can enjoy for any use. Of course, if it was uncomfortable to consume a delicious watermelon it would be lost, and that is why we refined our PG to VG ratio and you get a quick vape impact every time it’s never rough.