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CBD is the buzzy beauty drug of the moment, no doubt. You may feel like CBD has gone all at once from being a kind of around to being absolutely everywhere i.e. unless your state has legalized CBD.

Spas offer CBD facials, beauty parlors have hemp or CBD lotions in their beauty product formulations and moreover, coffee houses also sell CBD lattes. And anyone who needs to get their hands on some CBD gummies, from your nervous coworker to your joint problems-suffering uncle.

CBD Oil & Blood Pressure: Can cbd lower blood pressure?

It’s no surprise to easily become a modern-day cure-all if you’re still afraid to seek CBD for a relief from anything unique. All you need to know about CBD and high blood pressure will be covered here!

If you have been curious if CBD will help lower your heart rate or if it’s just some hidden snake oil, this article has been made for you! Or if you have been asking yourself as to how to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly then you should read on! Can CBD theoretically reduce the blood pressure or cause a drop? We aim to answer that question today!

High Blood Pressure – What Is It?

High blood pressure, or elevated blood pressure, impacts 33 percent of Americans over 20-1 in every 3 years. 

For people in their mid-60s or older, those figures double to 66 per cent. Tens of thousands in the United States alone face suffering from high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a real, complex and critical symptom that we can find in any individual being. When you walk around every day, your blood pressure rate varies depending on all the social, physiological, and biological factors surrounding you.

When your blood pressure varies, there is a safe limit with which you can drop and soar. Approximately one-third of American adults skyrocket far above healthy blood pressure levels. Chronically increasing pressure in one of the slimmest channels across the body, high blood pressure adds to more than 400,000 deaths per year. 

It’s a heavy-risk, lengthy-term disease that afflicts millions of people worldwide. A dangerous growing phenomenon with no relief in sight, we look at possible treatments that may help alleviate some of the effects of hypertension–or even high blood pressure itself.

The natural approach is getting way more popular when it comes to curing blood pressure. And ingesting CBD may be one of them.

Can CBD Oil Lower Blood Pressure?

The short response? Yeah, CBD may very well induce a small decrease in a patient’s blood pressure if administered at higher doses. 

We’re aiming to delve into how CBD functions in the system to impact one’s blood pressure more profoundly, though. CBD has a definite effect on blood pressure, and in this article we will shed light on it.

However, before we take you through this journey of CBD and its effect on high blood pressure, please note that it is highly important for you to check with a licensed medical practitioner before embarking on a CBD regimen. Many medications can interfere with CBD, and if it contributes to your daily routine, you only want to add one supplement.

How Exactly Does CBD Assist With High Blood Pressure?

Cannabidiol not only acts in one way to minimize high blood pressure theoretically. In your body, there are a few critical functions that determine blood pressure and CBD affects them directly. Second, pressure, depression, lack of sleep and exhaustion are some factors related to having high blood pressure. 

Several studies indicate that CBD can assist alleviate the symptoms of all three and alleviate them.h Increasing awareness and concentration, reducing levels of anxiety, and reducing tension, may also aid to some extent regulate blood pressure rates.

CBD will improve the relaxing impact. Once you can relax and feel at ease, your blood sugar rates can decrease with your heart rate in order to react appropriately. Vasodilators affect the body by dilating or widening the blood vessels; these medications promote the flow of blood throughout the body. CBD can help enhance overall health as a normal vasodilator.

Hypertension can harm the heart and arteries, it is a welcome addition to cannabidiol which acts as a natural medicine to allow the blood to flow smoothly and easily. 

Eventually it has been shown that cannabidiol has non-inflammatory properties. Since inflammation can cause hypertension, or vice versa, it’s nice to have something on your side that battles inflammation. 

How to Use CBD Oil for High Blood Pressure?

CBD health benefits are many. But, it’s imperative that you talk to your physician before using CBD oil to treat hypertension before you start tinkering with various CBD products and dosages. If you are still searching for more details about CBD as a medicinal supplement, you may suggest talking to a cannabis physician who is experienced in the matter.

If you have the go-ahead from your doctor you will have to determine if you want to handle CBD oil.  There are various ways to ingest CBD oil and your choice of distribution type will rely on your preferences and lifestyle. Here’s a peek in some of the most prominent formats, their advantages and their downsides:

CBD Oil Tinctures or Drops 

Herbal blends and drops are a good choice for people looking for instant results and full control of dosages.

Advantages: Herbal blends and drops are orally delivered below the lips. The CBD is ingested intravenously, allowing results of usage for 30-60 minutes and the results will last from Four and Six hours.

CBD oil herbal blends and drops are also easy to store and transport well, and can be applied easily when required.

Disadvantages: The taste is one of the main disadvantages of CBD oil tinctures and drops. Not everyone likes the raw, peppery, often bitter, hemp taste. In account for this certain products are flavored but then you have to remember where the flavoring derives from.

Was that synthetic taste? Should they add the sugar and other ingredients that you would otherwise like to avoid? Choice here is a matter of preference but it is worth considering.

CBD Oil Capsules and Edibles

Capsules and edibles, particularly for beginners, are a simple and convenient way to take CBD oil.

Advantages: The big advantage for this method is that the dosage is constant each cycle. There’s no speculation there. And capsules and edibles can be easily incorporated into your schedule for that purpose. Only swallow a capsule or consume a rubber as guided and you’re done!

The implications will last for a while, about 6-12 hours and you typically won’t have to take another dosage throughout the day.

Downsides: Drinking CBD oil can slow down its effectiveness. The CBD oil needs to be passed through the digestive tract until it is absorbed into the bloodstream when you drink a pill or eat an edible.

The effects of CBD oil may take between twenty minutes and an hour to manifest, based on how strong your digestion is, and the amount of food already in your abdomen. If you are searching for quick and instant relaxation this is not the best way.

CBD Oil Vapes

One of the easiest ways to bring CBD into your bloodstream is by using CBD oil vapes

Advantages: It enters the bloodstream through the lungs while vaping CBD oil, circumventing the digestive tract. Results can be experienced in seconds. This is the best way to get a hit of CBD oil any time you need to use it.

Drawbacks: The biggest downside of vaping CBD oil is that its effects are not especially long-lasting. You would usually expect the length to be Thirty minutes to an hour or two. But, as stated above, when needed it’s easy to take another dose. A possible problem with vaping is that it is hard to know exactly how much CBD there is at each shot.

Benefits Of Using CBD For High Blood Pressure

The greatest thing about using hypertension CBD oil is that when you drink it to get help from hypertension, you are still reaping all the other advantages that it can offer. 

Using a transdermal dosage of CBD oil tincture to get the highest cannabidiol ingested ensures it works the best, and potentially the best. Many experience chronic pain relief, anxiety and many more. By controlling the endocannabinoid system, when you use CBD directly for blood pressure, you can’t avoid but also feel the overall wellbeing it promotes.

However, CBD does not only deal with the signs which are most likely to cause hypertension. It may also precisely decrease blood pressure-even with a small dose.

Nine males were either given a placebo or 600 mg of CBD in a random, dual-blind, and placebo-controlled crossover study on healthy volunteers. They used a Doppler laser and a finometer to track voluntary cardiac metrics. Cannabidiol maintained cardiac output in the study and decreased systolic in rest.

The test subjects had lower blood pressure level, higher heart rate, and reduced stroke volume in subjects taking the actual dose of CBD. Although further work is needed before we can determine that CBD plays an important role in some cardiac disease therapies, the evidence from the study suggests that effective cannabidiol delivery can improve both the heart rate and the blood pressure induced by an increase in anxiety to humans.

In a similar Brazilian study in 2019, scientists investigated the impact that CBD has on public-speaking stress and anxiety. Given that chronic stress can raise blood pressure, the results show more promise that CBD can help reduce heart rate.

The group took a moderate dose of CBD (300 mg) showed the most significant reduced anxiety response, suggesting that CBD can assist to reduce traumatic lifestyle factors provided the appropriate dose for it.

Bonus Point: Which foods help to lower blood pressure?

Adjusting the nutrition will significantly lower hypertension. Research has shown that some foods can decrease blood pressure, both immediately and in the longer term.

Drugs, changes in diet, and other changes in lifestyle can minimize hypertension while minimizing the risk of associated conditions.

Here are some foods that help to lower your blood pressure in addition to CBD:

  • Berries 
  • Bananas
  • Beets 
  • Dark chocolate
  • Kiwis
  • Watermelon 
  • Oats 
  • Leafy green vegetables

Is It Safe To Use CBD?

The National Institute of Health, in a thorough report on CBD’s adverse effects and effectiveness with a study of related animal studies and clinical evidence, routinely evaluated regular doses of up to 300 mg of CBD supplementation in capsule form for 6 months. 

Assuming the supplements could be utilized safely even at these high doses, they have checked normal doses of pills for up to four weeks for 1,200 and 1,500 milligrams.  Considering the drugs could be used comfortably even at these large doses, they have checked normal doses of pills for up to four weeks for 1,200 and 1,500 milligrams. Furthermore, transdermal dosing by a 2.5 mg dose of CBD spray was used safely for 2 weeks.

All in all, the results showed that CBD was deemed secure, but we do not yet know how much longer and in what amount until more work is completed. The Harvard Health Letter notes that possible mild CBD side effects include drowsiness, lightheadedness, low blood sugar, weakness, tiredness, vomiting and stomach discomfort or diarrhea.

For such side effects, though, the formulation used, how it is ingested, and the nature of the other components in the formulation can play a big part.

Potential Concerns When Using CBD For Blood Pressure

Although these experiments give us a positive light for the future of CBD, mention should be made of the risks involved with any specific chemical compound. We still do not have sufficient definitive evidence to establish that CBD is an effective therapy for any situation other than those authorized by the FDA.

Most data was gathered by healthy subjects or animal experiments, all of which suggest that we could see various outcomes on an ill human person. Unless you intend on using CBD for your hypertension, combining CBD with other high blood pressure drugs is the greatest possible issue.

Your physician might want to minimize your dose intensity before adding a CBD oil into your routine regimen with your other blood pressure medication. 

Furthermore, CBD isn’t necessarily a cure-all for hypertension–on the opposite, it’s just a tool that could be used in tandem with other methods to reliably reduce blood pressure. 

By decreasing and handling the problems in your life, you can securely manage hypertension, perform everyday activities who get you up and walking, improve your diet and eliminate or at least reduce the use of alcohol or tobacco. 

When you don’t follow up with a change in lifestyle that keeps enhancing your health, reducing your high blood pressure with CBD oil doesn’t do much. Start using CBD oil now to lower your heart rate and enjoy the other rewards that will enable you to lead an overall lighter, healthier lifestyle.

What is The Ideal Dosage of CBD For Hypertension?

CBD oil does not, sadly, come with a single size that matches all dosage. The sum you need depends on your genes, your appetite, your height and your gender. Reading the dosing schedules on any product you choose is crucial, so slowly start and gradually build up the dose.

A generic dose that most users suffering from hypertension take is 25mg.

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