Opms Maeng Da Silver 15gm Capsule


The opms kratom capsules give a decent dosage which is quite distinct from other strains out there. It is one of the greatest in terms of helping with energy and cognitive function, as well as providing some relief from pain. Many customers state that kratom helps you as much as caffeine does and you can actually improve your concentration levels in lower doses.



Many have learned about the product that is hitting the market and is creating a commotion identified today as kratom or our exclusive opms kratom silver. What certain people do not realize, though, is that there are other strains that may create a humongous difference on how much of a gain they provide for the consumer. It depends on what you use the kratom for, though, as well as the dose you have out there just like any herbal products.

Benefits :

  • Increased awareness and mental clarity
  • Helping to eliminate depression
  • Getting rid of headaches
  • Helping muscles to relax
  • Reducing stress


Suggested Use:

Pick the lowest quantity at 1 capsule for anyone starting out. Once the impacts are noticed, you can introduce another capsule until you reach the optimal ratio for you. 

Maeng Da is a reasonable strain to those who have prior experience with Kratom. The amount to get full benefit for each person can vary, and so can the side effects.


100% Pure Kratom Powder


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