OPMS Kratom Silver Maeng Da 8 Grams Capsules


Kratom is a tropical tree originally from South Asia. The kratom plants or extract from its leaves is mostly used for chronic pain and other disorders in herbal medicine.

Many people still use kratom to self-treat anxiety or depression symptoms.

Research shows that some kratom strains may help ease these symptoms. Since it is specifically domesticated for cannabinoid properties, Maeng Da takes a red strain ‘s normal pain relieving properties and provides a great energizing kick that some reds are lacking.



Maeng Da Kratom is another very prehistoric and very well-known type of Kratom, excellently-known for its therapeutic features and the magnitude of its power. 

OPMS silver maeng da 8 grams is 100% pure and provides the benefits that this herb gives to the body.


  • Increased awareness and mental clarity
  • Helping to eliminate depression
  • Getting rid of headaches
  • Helping muscles to relax
  • Reducing stress

Suggested Use:

Pick the lowest quantity at 1 capsule for anyone starting out. Once the impacts are noticed, you can introduce another capsule until you reach the optimal ratio for you. 

Maeng Da is a reasonable strain to those who have prior experience with Kratom. The amount to get full benefit for each person can vary, and so can the side effects.


100% Kratom Powder


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