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Disposable CBD Vape pens usually contain broad spectrum CBD along with terpenes abundant in nutrients. The terpenes are basically a very important asset for certain plants. These organic compounds contribute to a special scent that can be released as a defense mechanism. This smell draws the predators away, but little did that do in keeping humans away. The fragrance has gained popularity among its consumers which made it a vital ingredient in any CBD Vape pen. In addition to that, terpenes are considered to be a major contributor to the CBD effects on the body. This makes them even more of a worthy companion for the CBD.

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Buy Disposable CBD Vape Pen – Pineapple Express

Pineapple express CBD vape is a fantasy item for pineapple lovers. Don’t worry if you don’t like pineapples, this CBD vape pen will make you fall in love with it. Soft, mild and relaxing flavor is painted all across the sky once you go for a single puff. Drawing away all your worries and draining them down. High portability makes these Pineapple express CBD devices a perfect friend residing right there in your pocket. 

Our disposable cbd vape pen is carefully designed with broad spectrum CBD that allows you to benefit from them without going illegal. A highly maintained quality of CBD is used which is collected through CO2 extraction methods. Preventing you from any harmful chemicals while providing the best quality is our main focus at the laboratories.


  • Chronic pain relief
  • Diet stimulation
  • Better Digestion
  • Seizure Control
  • Antianxiety support

Suggested Use:

Our vape pens contain 50mg CBD that is usually desired to satisfy customers on a daily basis. But there are always more potent vape juices available depending on the need such as, 250mg-1000mg.

Our disposable, portable and non-rechargeable Vapes can be vaped right out of the box. Enjoy the pineapple flavor and reap the CBD benefits until it’s time to dispose of it off.


Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Terpenes, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


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