MIT 45 Kratom

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This extract of liquid kratom is hugely popular among consumers who want energy. It’s made from potent Maeng Da and this extract has relatively high rates of alkaloids. Clients appreciate that MIT 45 has hardly any taste or smell to match its strong effects.



Historically, kratom has been used throughout Asia, and in recent decades, its use has spread in the Western world. Many clients note that using kratom capsules can help to minimize the harmful effects of certain mood disorders while others have published an actual increase in consciousness and cognitive functioning.

MIT 45 gold originally gets its name because it is a strong tincture with a concentration of 45% mitragynine. Mitragynine is the alkaloid indole that works as the active substance in kratom, so this shot is one of the most powerful kratom products available.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Kratom that is non-GMO
  • Kratom products with the best bioavailability
  • Kratom that is lab tested
  • Kratom cultivated with best farming practices
  • Kratom that is gluten-friendly
  • Kratom that is Kosher

Suggested Use:

Typically, every 15ml bottle of MIT 45 is defined as a separate single dose, while many customers say they like to begin by blending some with orange juice or some other drink to get a better taste.


Purified H2O, Vegetable Glycerine, Mitragyna speciosa alkaloids, Ascorbic acid, Citric acid


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