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Wyld CBD Gummies – Raspberry (250MG)


A perfect blend of nutrient rich broad spectrum CBD and natural flavors is what makes our Wyld gummies one of the best. Being vegan and gluten free, our gummies can be consumed whenever required. These nicely flavored raspberry gummies will make you jump on your heels on your first munch. Other than that, the CBD is more effective when coupled with such fruity flavors. Once you fall in love with these magical bites, it’s hard to snap out of it. 

We strive to formulate our CBD gummies to obtain negligible THC levels. Consequently, the psychoactive behavior of CBD hemp extract is reduced to zero. The level of artificial chemicals is kept minimal to increase the effects of our mildly dosed CBD gummies. This helps us in achieving our target of making the best CBD gummies for you. Their regular use can help you explore a series of benefits but dosage really matters. Therefore, “How many CBD gummies should I eat daily?” needs to be answered first. 

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